about the Pink Ribbon Foundation

ionCURVE are proud to announce a new partnership with a leading UK Breast Cancer Awareness charity - The Pink Ribbon Foundation (Reg. Charity No. 1080839).

ionCURVE are manufacturing and selling a new pink styled band for the Foundation with a generous donation to the charity for every band sold. You can now purchase this exclusive band from the 'ionCURVE shop' and help this excellent charity continue their important work to fight breast cancer.

We have decided to sell this band at only £9.99 each. They still offer up to 2000cm³ of negative ions and have all the durability of the normal bands but we have produced these seperately to encourage sales and support for the charity.

This original design is available in 4 sizes. They make great gifts, knowing your donation is helping others.

Please visit their website to find out more about this excellent cause and help in the fight against cancer.

video of seek trackers

about the Blue Ribbon Foundation

The Blue Ribbon Foundation is a brand new project set up to mirror the work of the PRF, except to concentrate on the types of cancer which affect men. All the great work of the PRF is to be found in their BRF brothers - and ionCURVE support both with their new wristbands.

Please visit their website to find out more about the foundation and help in the fight against male cancer.

You can find both bands available through our store

about ionCURVE

ionCURVE was established in 2011 with the sole purpose of helping others with our products in relation to exercise, sleep, fitness, health and safety. This has been a great challenge and happy to say that with around 40,000 followers on Facebook we are definitely on the right track!

The Negative Ion Wristbands are a great price at only £9.99 and have around a dozen different colours to choose from in 4 different sizes suitable for all . Click here for more info on these. Then we have our LED bands (click here for more info) that were initially for the cyclist or walker to wear to keep safe at night and ended up proving to be a massive hit with festival goers and parties in the summer months, due to the band being able to extend to be waved around like a wand. Fantastic !! There are 5 colours available in these.

Our Negative Ion / Magnetic bracelets (click here for more info) are beautiful pieces of jewellery which not only release the ions similar to the wristbands, but also have added magnetic stones on the underside for added magnetic therapy.

4 different striped coloured ionCURVE necklets (click here for more info) are available and have been made thinner for our customers since we originally produced these as customers were getting back to us that they were too bulky. Hopefully we have now got the size right with these and for under a tenner are also a great product for the money. The necklets are a new titanium, germanium and anion infused product . All these ingredients are naturally occurring and have natural properties of strength, lightness and pliability.

In our shop you will also find a range of Smart Watches (click here for more info) with all different features to suit your needs. From only £29.99 up to £59.99 you can be sure of our quality and price . With Seek Trackers (click here for more info ) we teamed up with SEEK to get these out to you because of the facthat we felt this was a product that we didn’t want you all to miss.

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Some of the great benefits of Negative ions include

Health Sport Sleep Energy
Decrease Stress Fast Recovery Time Reduced Fatigue Improved Reaction Time
Increased Alertness Enhanced Endurance Improved sleep patterns Increased Vitality

and we're not just about the ions...

ionCURVE also have a full range of products on top including Titanium Necklets, LED Snap-on Bands and one-off special bands too!

Find about these other great products in their own sections or visit the shop.

Sizing Guide

Extra Small ( XS=16cm )
Small ( S=17.5cm )
Medium ( M=19cm )
Large ( L=20.5cm )

Use a tailors tape measure to measure your wrist as shown in the photo to the left. We recommend you add at least 1cm to be comfortable - use the tape measure to determine what works for you.

video of ionCURVE bands being tested for Negative-ion output

ionCURVE are also associated with the Pink Ribbon Foundation - a charity which raises money for Breast Cancer Research. Find out more about them, and our official, unique band, and how you can help them by wearing a special ionCURVE wristband, on their own Pink Ribbon Page.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about ionCURVE products

What size do I need to order ?

Measure your wrist using a tape measure or string and choose the size closest to your wrist measurement on the sizing guide above.

Should your ionCURVE band be worn tight on the wrist ?

How tight you wear the band is based on personal preference, but we recommend allowing some play for the movement of the wrist.

How long will my ionCURVE band last?

The tourmaline inside the ionCURVE wristband is powdered then mixed into the silicone. This means your band will never run out. It may start to look worn over a long period of time but the effects are still the same. And they will always make you look good :)

Can ionCURVE bands get wet ? i.e. Are they Waterproof ?

Yes - they are 100% waterproof. So you can high-dive and swim the English Chanel with no worries. They are also immune to our wonderful English Rain..

Who can wear the ionCURVE band ?

Everyone can benefit from wearing the ionCURVE band, including young children and the elderly. There is no physical or age requirement. You will all look awesome :)

Do I wear it 24/7 ? Should I ?

Yes - your ionCURVE band can be worn 24/7. But it is of course up to you. It may not help your sleep patterns if you don't wear it when you sleep, however.

Can I wear my ionCURVE band while pregnant ?

ionCURVE bands do not contain magnets or other harmful ingredients, however if you have concerns about the silicon band we would recommend you consult your doctor before trying our product if you believe you may have an allergy.

Can I wear more than one ionCURVE band ?

Yes - Many people wear more than one at a time. I'm wearing two right now! If you find yourself feeling lightheaded or over stimulated, reduce the number you wear although note this has never yet been reported.

Can I wear my ionCURVE band on my ankle ?

Yes - you will need the appropriate size, which may be slightly bigger than your wrist - you have to allow for the ankle joint when walking so we recommend a size up from what you expect. ionCURVE bands worn as ankle bracelets look very cool :)

Is there a certain way to wear my ionCURVE band?

No - it can be worn either with the hologram on the outside or facing in. Although to look awesome we recommend wearing them in the usual way :)

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