at a glance

  • Infused with Titanium and Germanium
  • Strong, durable Fabric Nylon ( DTY )
  • 100% non-toxic silicone
  • 20 inches ( 50.8cm ) long
  • Double-Braided Design
  • Popular Media Support
  • For relief of aches
  • To improve mood
  • Available in 3 great colour choices
  • The usual ionCURVE 30-day guarantee
  • Available now from the ionCURVE shop !

about ionCURVE necklets

ionCURVE necklets are a new titanium, germanium and anion infused product. All these ingredients are naturally occuring and have great natural properties of strength, lightness and pliability.

When worn around the neck or wrist they can charge the bioelectric current within the body. Bioelectric current ( not to be confused with mains electricity at all!! ) has been evidentially proven within the body to transmit signals from the brain to the muscles. These signals travel along nerves. The presence of these materials when worn in close contact with the body has been shown to change the bioelectic flow slightly , reuslting in reduced feeling of muscle ache, increase blood circulation and offer an improved mood and outlook. Some wearers even anecdotally show improved flexibilty.

titanium in the popular media

These benefits are not limited to the neck and shoulders and are not 'psychological efefcts'. Many admired Major League Baseball players ( from the NY Jets to the Boston Red Sox to name a few ) have cited the benefits of these elements.

and it;s not just them! Pro golfers ( such as Sergio Garcia ) and Marathon Runner Paula Radclife, along with Olympic Gold Medalist Jennie Finch have also recently popularised the use of these elements. Check out the article here to see what we're talking about!

We at ionCURVE have delievered these great products to you in our usual highly fashionable, highly durable and eye-catching way so you can achieve all the benefits and still look good whilst feeling good!

the ionCURVE necklets

They come in a range of dual-colours : White/Black, White/Purple and White/Pink to suit all styles.

There is only 1 size of 50.8cm ( 20" ( inches )

Please visit the buy them now page to purchase.

ionCURVE necklets can be worn 24 hours a day - they deliver their best benefits when worn in such a manner. They are perfectly safe in water or indeed any environmental conditions just like a normal non-metal necklace - the material and the catch are 100% waterproof.

All ionCURVE necklets are individually packaged in stylish, modern, presentation boxes and delivered by first class mail making them excellent gifts for others as well as for yourself.

ionCURVE offer a full 30 day warranty with any purchase.

ionCURVE and the ionCURVE logo are registered trademarks of ionCURVE. ionCURVE is part of the Stonecircle trading company.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about ionCURVE necklets

What does the size mean?

You can use a tailors tape measure gently around your neck to measure the length. They are not designed to be snug or too long ( which can be a hinderance ) but sit comfortably around almost anybody's neck.

How long will my ionCURVE necklet last?

These are durable, washable necklets maufactured to the highest standards of the material. We anticipate that even eith constant wear they will last a ocnsiderably long time if taken care of ( i.e. washed and not put under undue continual stress ).

Can ionCURVE necklets get wet ? i.e. Are they Waterproof ?

Yes - they are 100% waterproof. You can look good even when the rains pour down or you decide to do a few laps on holiday!

Who can wear the ionCURVE necklets ?

Everyone can benefit from wearing the ionCURVE necklets, including children and the elderly. There is no physical or age requirement. You will all look awesome :)

Do I wear it 24/7 ? Should I ?

Yes - your ionCURVE necklets can be worn 24/7. But it is of course up to you. Necklaces are normally worn continuously.

Can I wear my ionCURVE necklet while pregnant ?

ionCURVE necklets do not contain magnets or other harmful ingredients, however if you have concerns would recommend you consult your doctor before trying our product if you believe you may have an allergy.

Can I wear more than one ionCURVE necklet ?

Er... Yes.. But that might look a little weird :) Still - up to you!

Can I wear my ionCURVE necklet on my wrist ?

If youare lucky enough to have slim enough wrists the necklet can actually be twisted onto itself ( as shown in the image from the shop ) which means it will look amazing on your wrist and still confer all the benefits!

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