about ionCURVE LED Snap-on Bands

ionCURVE LED Bands are a new Snap-on band with an LED element. Snap the band around your arm and it will lock comfortably in place - then just hit the hidden button and the LEDs will light up the whole band in glorious colour! Press the button again and the band will start to blink on and off. The band, when rolled, can also be straightened stiff to its full extent.

They are normally worn around the arm, wrist or ankle but they can even be snapped around bike frames, dog collars, car handles and all manner of surfaces. Be safe in the dark at night when walking the dog! Show your colours at a party! Snap them straight and tie them to your bag! The possibilities are endless..

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video of ionCURVE LED Snap-on Bands in action!

at a glance

  • 100 hour battery life
  • Blink and Glow Modes
  • 100% non-toxic material
  • Looks absolutely great!
  • 14"/35.6cm long
  • Snaps around object easily
  • No catches to rub or wear
  • Be safe in the dark!
  • Great for Parties
  • The usual ionCURVE 30-day guarantee
  • Available now from the ionCURVE shop !
  • ** They may be unsuitable for epileptics due to the flashing LED lights in the band **

LED Snap-on Band packaging

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